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The 2015 No More Tears Public Health Webinar was launched on
Sunday, September 20th, 2015 at 3:00 P.M. (EST, USA).

Please view a recording below of the Video and Transcription
of the 2015 No More Tears Webinar.

Featuring Facilitators

"Thank you for letting me listen in...I learned a lot. I also now know what No More Tears does. Keep up the Great Work!"

~Dr. Richard Marlink, Executive Director & Professor of Harvard School of Public Health
(Harvard University of Public Health Ranked #2 by U.S.News & World Report 2015)

About No More Tears 

Somy Ali, the founder and president of No More Tears, witnessed many injustices and violence growing up in Pakistan and during her teenage years while working as an actress in India.

Abuse and injustice affects everyone without regard to class or religion. After finishing her education, Somy registered No More Tears in 2006 to help victims of abuse that were brought to the U.S from various countries around the world.

No More Tears expanded its mission in January of 2014 to work with children who have special needs that have come to the U.S. seeking medical treatment. No More Tears assists these families in obtaining visas, job search, applying for food stamps, and medical assistance for their children, physical therapy classes, and many other services.

Other programs that have been implemented in 2014 include The No More Tears Scholarship Fund to help persons with a commitment to social justice obtain post-secondary education, Eye Surgeries for Children in Pakistan, assisting local police departments with the rescue of Human Trafficking victims, and taking a stand for GLBT rights.

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